Adidos Fleece Track Pants


+ With sweater, no worry for the skin under the sun but still stylish with Kappa. The shirt has thick felt and soft felt, simple style easily combined with many types of clothes.

Storage Sweater:
+ Washing machine temperature not over 40 ° C.

Wash with the same color product.

Description of neck shirt:

+ Zara Man long sleeved shirt gives you a confident look, elegant style and exquisite design. Sleeveless, short sleeves, sharp seams are pretty sure, highlights prominent in oxford fabric. High quality material 100% cotton absorbent to help the product just show the body to stretch comfortably for the wearer, not wrinkle crease. Convenient combination of shirt with trousers, jeans to go to work or go out. Sophisticated design in each line, creating the most confident in appearance.

Storage collar shirt:

+ Dry low, exposed to low temperature.

+ Do not use strong detergent on the shirt.

+ First wash soaked products with warm water overnight before washing to keep the color of the product.

+ To keep the color long, guests should cover the left side of the shirt.

Wishing you a perfect shirt

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